About us

Venza Research is a leading financial services provider with presence in global capital markets. With its full fledged research operations, Venza Research has proven itself as company that produces and delivers high accuracy tips and recommendations. Venza Research aims at giving investors an opportunity to benefits from booming markets. We aim at breaking the taboo that only big investors can earn from markets.

Venza Research has been founded by a mix of Techno-Market professionals, having vast experience in field of financial services with the aim to bridge the gap between retail players and financial markets. With its full fledged research operations, Venza Research has proven itself as Investment Advisory Company that produces and delivers high accuracy stock tips and recommendations for the Singapore market .

We Provide Recommendation For Segments

KLSE Equity | KLSE Derivatives - Futures and Options | Global Commodities - Bullion, Energy and Agri | Global Forex - Major currency pairs

Our Aim

"To consistently develop and deliver high quality and high precision financial products and services to our customers and create Wealth for our clients, employees and shareholders"

Our Team

Venza Research is a proud employer to over 400+ associates ,Over 250+ professional sales analysts provide customer support to 10,000+ satisfied Venza subscribers across the globe. The research team is comprised of 70+ highly qualified NCFM/NISM certified analysts with 5+ years of market and research experience

1. Core Team

The core research and training department comprises of 4 segment specific team - equities, commodities, FOREX and International markets. For example, the commodities team frequently consults with the currency team before delivering a Gold or Silver signal which may be highly dependent upon the USD/INR movement that day.

2. Research Operations Team

A separate team of operations analysts helps the core analysts with data analysis, preparing reports and validating fundamental elements that affect technical patterns. This is the kind of inter-dependence of segments which helps Venza analysts deliver high quality research and training to its clients.

3. E-Learning & Communication Team

E-Learning is one of the thrust area identified by Venza Research for imparting market knowledge using Web technology tools, Webinars, Social media and communication tools. It is the learning facilitated and supported by VENZA Research learning Centre.

Our Approach

Our first and the foremost focus is to educate our customers so that they can generate accurate intraday technical calls and reports on the basis of thorough market research and chart patterns. A well defined and separate department at Venza which comprises of 10+ highly qualified research analysts who generate calls and reports each day and provide as samples during the subscription period. The Research team uses various software through which the data is made available and then based on technical analysis & deep studies they generate research by putting various tools like oscillators. Breakout, Elliot waves, trend lines etc on daily, weekly and monthly charts. Also they take into consideration the movement in international markets and fundamental factors affecting economy, industry, company to generate content. Research division also generates daily and weekly reports on all segments. These reports are distributed to all our subscribers.

Venza's Report Structure Consists of

  • Top gainers and losers
  • Technical charts of 2-3 equity/commodity/forex scrips (depending upon the segment covered by the reports)

Market overview

  • 2-3 technical signals for the corresponding segment
  • Daily reports generated by the division - segment
  • Equity
  • I-Forex
  • Special Report

Weekly reports generated by the division - segments

  • Equity
  • I-Forex

Every Day a Special Report is generated covering

  • Global market news
  • World indices
  • Top gainers and losers
  • Corporate actions summary
  • 2-3 technical signals for equities (cash and derivatives)
  • Most active call and put options
  • Commodity market roundup and 2-3 technical signals for COMEX
  • Currency market roundup and 2-3 technical signals for forex pairs
  • U.S. economic report

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